Friday, January 05, 2007

A New Year, But More of the Same

Leo made it home for the holidays, but his vacation was short lived. Yesterday, the court sent him right back to jail after he allegedly failed a drug test. Never mind the fact that he just spent four months in jail for concededly no good reason (because no one notified the court that Leo was in custody). Never mind that his probation should have expired long ago. The court has him under its judicial thumb, seemingly in perpetuity. More grist for the appellate mill. Stay tuned for further updates.


Anonymous said...

I'm not that proficient in blogging or giving comments, but I am a public defender in Minnesota in need of some honest advice. I am considering a six month to one year stay in New Orleans, working with the public defender's office. I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and my case numbers are pretty high, and I am used to the stress. But, if you could, would you do it again? Is it worth it?

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous who asked if it was worth it? I taught in an inner city school district for many years, and my numbers in my classroom were always higher than anyone elses. People always asked why I did it. Now, thirty years later, looking back, I would always do it again. If you help one person, if you do one right thing in your life, it is worth it. Look to yourself for the answer, never to someone else. You have to feel it, you have live it. Someone from my first class saw me on the street several years ago, recognized me, hugged me, and said, I remember you, you made me feel worthwhile. Yes, it's always worthwhile, IF you feel it!
Brian's Aunt G