Monday, January 29, 2007

Fight Crime, Not Mosquitos

A quick footnote to my last post. The Times Picayune reported today on salaries for the Mayor's top aides. I was a bit startled to see that the City's "Mosquito Control Director" makes $128,242 a year, which is actually more than even Hizzoner CRN the Mayor is paid! But what's truly disgraceful is that the chief fly catcher is making $100,000 more than a new recruit for the NOPD! I know mosquitoes are a serious health risk, and I'm sure some NRA sympathizer has some statistics showing how many more people die from mosquito-borne infections than gunshots (much like those who point out that driving is more dangerous, statistically, than flying), but come on. I realize times are tough and budgets are tight, but how about a little administrative belt tightening in other areas and putting our resources to work in areas that are most vital to the community's safety and survival.

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